"Love and kisses from your Father.
Be a good girl until you come home again"

So Heinrich Michel wrote touchingly to his daughter Ursula. He would be deported in 1942 with his wife Gertrud and his younger daughter Lilli; Ursula had already been living in England since 1939.

A reunion never happened. Their letters recall despair and hope. The persecution of Ursula Michel and her family begins in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, her salvation is a Kindertransport, which terminates at Liverpool Street Station in London: she survives, but her family is murdered. Ursula Michel and the fate of her family stand for the life stories of many victims of the Nazi era.

Historical Sources

Documents from the Nazi administration of Ludwigshafen, which can be used to research for names. The original files are part of a special collection on local Jewish history at the Ludwigshafen City Archives.

(click on the text will open the document in PDF format)

"List of Jewish families in Ludwigshafen as of 1st January 1939"

"List of Jews in Ludwigshafen who were taken into "Schutzhaft" on 10th November 1938 and brought to KZ Dachau on 11th November 1938"

"List of Polish citizens who were expelled from the Reich - October 1938"

"List of Jews from Ludwigshafen who were deported to Gurs/France on 22nd October 1940"