10 years of "Stumbling Blocks" in Ludwigshafen

In November 2007 Gunter Demnig laid the first Stumbling Block in the city. Since then, 237 people who suffered persecution and murder through National Socialism have been commemorated by a Stumbling Block.

On 11th November 2017, 27 Stumbling Blocks were laid. Among others, persecuted lawyers were commemorated in front of the District Court in Wittelsbachstraße. (see right column)

Meanwhile the project "Building Memories – Searching for Traces on the Doorstep" had already begun on 10th November. In empty shop premises at 176 Lisztstraße, the organisation Ludwigshafen setzt Stolpersteine held their exhibition "Stumbling Blocks - how do they concern me?" until 3rd December 2017.

During this time, the neighbourhood project "Building Memories" also researched the history of the house and its occupants. Here there lived people who were persecuted in the Nazi dictatorship, but whose fate is largely unknown to today’s occupants and neighbours.

Between the exhibition’s opening on 10th November and closing on 3rd December there were numerous lectures, film presentations and workshops.

11th Stolperstein Laying by Gunter Demnig in Ludwigshafen

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Wittelsbachstraße 10 (Amtsgericht)
The persecuted lawyers of the Ludwigshafen District Court:   
Walter Fendrich, Dr. Hilmar Heinemann, Dr. Emil Herz, Dr. Leopold Kahn, Dr. Karl Koburger-Reiß, Dr. Ludwig Lehmann, Dr. Heinrich Mayer, Dr. Ludwig Mayer, Heinrich Michel, Richard Müller, Dr. Ludwig Neumond, Dr. Fritz Rothschild, Dr. Heinrich Strauß, Friedrich Wilhelm Wagner, Dr. Ludwig Weil, Dr. Fritz Weiß

Friedrich-Heene-Straße 1

Dr. Ludwig Lehmann, Paula Lehmann

Wittelsbachstraße 9
Bernhard Auerbacher, Dina Auerbacher, Fritz Werner Auerbacher, Ernst Auerbacher

Schumannstraße 22

Eugen Berg, Alice Berg, Günter Berg, Hella Berg, Kurt Berg